Monday, March 31, 2014

Nifty wave counts 31st march

Hi friends,
                     Nifty continues its upward movement
on friday it has done 3=(1.6)*1 ,Which suggests we are in resistance zone
and can have a breather here in range 6700-6720.If it stretches we can calculate
it later ,Below 6640 it would confirm 3 rd wave or c wave is finished.
lets see the chart.
Nifty wave counts 31st march
So continue to hold
longs till 6640 is held
Overall nifty is either
in 3rd wave or c wave
in these waves the
index or stock moves
even in extreme oversold
or overbought conditions
we see exteme greed and
fear in these waves only.

Lets see how nifty moves today .



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