Sunday, March 23, 2014

Why learn Elliottwave

Hi friends,
                    I have been using Elliottwave principle to formulate my trade ideas now for
almost 7 years,All this while i have come across many traders and investors who use different
techniques and methors to fulfill their trade requirements.
For some elliottwave is like a jigsaw puzzle ,It may not be because they tried to learn it,
But mostly because some one told them its a tedious tool and it would confuse alot.
And then you see few who use wave principle with perfection which helps them in
forecasting the future price of the said script ,They almost figure out what the stock would
do in near future or even in medium term and long term.

I always come across traders who complain ,They not able to count waves or rather not able
to figure out from where to start counting waves.
Friends we have 1000,s of scripts which are traded ,We need to find just few of them which
fulfill your set of conditions according to wave principle (Everyone has his or her fav trading
pattern or count)  ,Its indeed hardwork ,But then there is no short cut to success.
The more the number of stocks one go through the more confidence and experience one gets
in wave counting.Eventually one reaches to such level where just a glance at the chart helps
you in figuring out what stock would do in near future.

I had put  a detailed post on Trading Elliott wave long time back hope it helped many to grasp
the basic wave principle 
This blog of mine its a testimonial how elliottwave helps in trading ,I have posted countless
trade ideas which i developed using wave principle.
In past i  received  many queries regarding  learning wave principle ,They say a push in the right
direction is must before plunging deep into it.

Lastly do contact me if you genuinely want to get hold of wave principle
You can mail me at Rishrich at gmail dot com 


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