Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Gail Wave Analysis

Hi friends,
                  Looking at Gail chart ,The stock looks to be in e leg
Lets look at the daily chart to see bigger picture.
Gail Wave Analysis
From the chart we can
see that how the waves
are unfolding.
We had a fast dump in d
leg made a low at 347.
And from there we have new
leg rise ie  e leg rise.
This stock has potential
to do 400+.

Lets see the hourly chart to see the e leg structure closely.
Gail Wave Analysis
We have a abc correction
near trendline resistance
those green dotted lines
show support of abc correction

once abc correction over the stock
should target 400+.
Buy in dips as long as 360 holds
400+ is coming.

Lets see how stock does in coming days


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