Thursday, October 15, 2009

>Clear 4th wave of local impulse

As pointed earlier 4th wave underway of local move as the day progressed the move got refined
and we can clearly see what happened can clearly read abc of 4th wave.

expanded flat 3,3 5 see how clear 5 waves in c.



Anonymous said...

wat is the target according to this sir

Sujatha said...

So, now "c" is over, shall we expect a upmove now again..

Mostly EW following 5 waves? not 9 waves?

Novice.. please guide me..


Rish said...

Hi ,Anonymous it can taget 5180,5200 need to take out 5100 convincingly

Rish said...


Impulses are 5 waves a full elliott wave cycle consists of 9 waves 5 wave impulse and 3 wave abc corrective waves so total 8 waves. yes upmove should come above 5100 thats the resistive trendline

Rish said...

Two possible scenario's if 4th is over we go up and hit ceiling at 5180-5200 if 4th still happening last 15 min move i suspect 4th still on ,Then we probably dip before going up tomorrow..

Sujatha said...

OK... That's u... if at all total 8 waves means we have completed here right, then hereafter fall only... if momoentum not good...(atleast in november)

Shall we expect a correction of neckline 4700?? But so many news, nifty may go more highs..

Thank u

Rish said...

Sujatha, The 5 up is still not finished 4th wave going on 5th up is pending let that happen will interpret further moves then.

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