Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Nifty 3rd december

Hi friends.
                   As mentioned nifty went on to test 6212 zone and hovered there full day,Now if we dont
close above 6212 and continue rise i would reckon we will be making another abc as shown in the
chart below ,I am looking at chart and trying to project the further move,Not like most analysts or
fund managers who have become political analysts and giving their targets.Let us see how news
breaks pattern.One thing which looks certain is nifty move from last 2 weeks is like a musical chair
game few rises few falls so ultimately its maintaining respective crucial levels .



Unknown said...

isnt it wrong counting for the current abc...."a" should not be marked on the rise here, right?

Rish said...

did not get you Unknown eloborately comment so that i can understand what u mean..

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