Monday, January 23, 2012

>Nifty elliottwave analysis

Nifty is still buzzing according to the counts posted earlier
can go through the earlier post here nifty.
I have an alternate count for the structure unfolding
we have to see which one works out ,This new count would
just make the C up target little more .The alternate count says the X wave is still on and its forming an bear market
expanded flat read about expandedflat .For this to be a expanded flat we
need 5 up in C .Let the wave unfold and we will know the respective targets.
Elliott wave gives sleek edge in forecast market move but I have
learned with experience we have to wait patiently to see the pattern evolving from
the random price move.
The above chart shows the internal structure of the would be expanded flat.
According to the earlier count we have almost hit first target of 5100.Exciting time
ahead for traders.Also i would take liberty to say i don't think market has made
the bottom.This rise was seen as i had posted the chart by last week of December 2011
so its not a surprise .Well who knows i could be wrong :)



Tejas said...

pls update the count & important levels.

DCStrader said...


long time no update :(
could you post intra chart EW labels?

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