Monday, January 16, 2012

>Nifty wave analysis

In my last few posts,I stressed on the rise coming in ,We are witnessing the rise
Though its not that fast in nifty but midcaps and small caps are gaining ground
and have gained handsomely .
Coming back to nifty we had ending diagonal count which almost looks like getting
negated now, With nifty breaching past the slanting trendline. The kind of rises
we saw in midcaps nifty should have done better than this but reliance and infy
made sure nifty remains subdued .Its moving in a parallel up channel and been
holding up smartly ,Need to see the move of next few days to figure out about
the parallel up channel labeling the speed of the move would help me decide
on the count ,As of now trail longs with stoplosses are previous swing low .


shiachin said...

i think move in LT can past few days is as good as it gets .. can also be compared with midcaps

Rish said...

Yes Achin that large cap was beaten badly so bounced back strongly

DCStrader said...

3(c) tgt done ? @ 5030? or u expecting still further?

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