Thursday, December 22, 2011

>Nifty elliott wave analysis

As i have already stated we in Z corrective wave which again would be a
corrective wave combination of abc's or simple abc.
From the structure developing i am anticipating we have finished A leg 4639
and then started a big B leg which again is unfolding in abc structure
which already completed a and b leg and right now getting ready to pump up
in c to finish the big B we could well see a fast run up and nifty could see 5050,5100
in no time it this count is correct.

After that we can see the big C down unfolding.Lets see how market behaves
if it does something else i would revist counts.


DCStrader said...

thanks for the update.
could you if possible post a Hourly Elliott chart.

Rish said...

Manish the hourly chart wave labeling can confuse many readers so have avoided it .

DCStrader said...

would be helpful to others though :)
what level can negate this c of B.below which level.


next week as holiday for US / Europe mkts.. nifty expiry (dec 29th) either 4700 or 5100 we can expect...

vikram a g said...

i too hold the same view on nifty but with a different count, wave a ended at 4532, now wave b is on should target 5140 quickly.

have done my analysis in skumar click here

Harsh Dixit said...

has B leg ended or it will still get extended to 5180-5210.. I have similar count. But New to Elliot wave. Just help me to label the current rise from 4588 to 5140.

Thanks & Regards,

Harsh Dixit.

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