Thursday, December 01, 2011

>Mahindra & mahindra analysis

In my last post mahindra & mahindra analysis we had seen how
a violent 3rd wave eroded price valuenow since the sharp down channel
has been broken and still the rise i count looks corrective to me so a 4th
wave is on this should hit new low in some time below 680 at leastonce 5 down finishes can expected relief in the stock .


Anonymous said...

Re last few words. Do you mean "expected relief in the stock" or "expected relief RALLY in the stock"? What would be the difference between he two? And any time frames? Thanks.

Rish said...

i meant once it finishes 5 down that meas goes below 680 then the pattern is done after that we can expect some relief

Imran said...

Nice piece of analysis.


Anonymous said...

may hit 540/490 in next 2-3 months??

Rish said...

Anonymous please login or make id then post a question ,I would happily respond .

DEEPAK said...

HI, Need to buy now?

Rish said...

680 is minimum target wait for reversal probably near 660 it should turn up,I would wait.

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