Friday, October 02, 2009

>Price or Time what is more Important?

As a Trader I have witnessed many moods of market Good ,Bad and ugly.

Good would be trending market or a market with direction .

Bad would be sideways market or Directionless.

Ugly would be a state of market where Bulls and Bears both are scared ,Bull scared to long
and Bear scared to Short.

We witness Good and bad market more often
This UGLY part usually comes near bottoms or near tops which usually tests every traders

There is a saying in Hindi "BHAV BHAGWAN HAI"Price is god"

In a trending market Price plays an important role but in bad and ugly phases of market
Time plays a vital role compared to price.
For example we tend to see many stocks hovering near a price for days together only when
it makes a pattern or a situation is satisfied it starts its further move up or down.In other words
when time gets over Price reverses.
Time cycles+ Price cycles taken together produces near perfect trading opportunities
I am talking about Trade setups which take care of both time and price.

Elliott wave theory is Price centric where as GANN theory is Time centric if a trader
uses both these theories together he would be able to increase his good trade chances
by leaps and bounds .
Any thoughts on this fellow traders:)




Anonymous said...

Hello Rish,
Are you suggesting, perhaps, we are near the peak and a reversal is imminent ? Just curious.

Ameet Sharma said...

kee gall, jeh Parvachan dena shuru kar-dya? " Bhav Bhagwaan Hai" . You Sure Bhav refers to Price? Meri Hindi toh waisae Jalandhar sae Ludhiana Jitni hee haigi aa, but I will reckon kae, Bhav refers to something like Bhav in Bhavna or Kue Bhav khaatae ho or Bhav like Meaning or Feeling. Khair, Continue the Good Kumm.


Anonymous said...


Danny said...

Hi Rish,
I know pretty much all forms of TA except Gann. Do you use it? Are you proficient with it? I am not sure if it's worth the hassle to learn a completely new form of TA or to perfect other areas of trading study instead. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Bhav ...means some different thing....dont take this as price...

Anonymous said...


Gann is simple once you know it, but the path to know this teachings is not easy. His work is coded in a book called Tunnel thru the Air which was written in 1929 and contains market cycles that work even to this date. Its an entire different approach and is precise.Most people who commercialy market GANN, most probably would know very little of what he is really knew. Would not recommend people to venture into this area of study, its not easy. In simple words Time is the cause and price is the effect which you can see. Without time there is no price!!!

Anonymous said...

yep Danny without Time there is no price..
or hum hindu jyada tar bhav(bahvna) se he jude hai..!!
vahi hame taklif de ke jata hai

Rish said...

Hi Amit till 4730-50 is not breached a big fall is not seen .

Rish said...

Danny Anonymous gave a good insight about GANN ,Though i am fascinated by GANN i use Elliott wave theory mostly for Trading.

Danny said...

Anonymous and Rish,
thank you very much for your kind answers. I will read the reccomended book. My main tool is also Elliott at this time, and it has been for the last 4 years, along with pattern reading.

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