Friday, January 10, 2014

Few Technical charts we discussed

Hi friends,
                    Last week i disccused here RCOM and BOB charts and showed on chart how a short
term weakness was visible on chart which can be used as a short opportunity.
When i was discussing RCOM the rate was 131+ link to chart RCOM
We can see the stock has already fallen from 131+ to 121.

Next chart I discussed was BOB ,This stock I mentioned both long and short opportunities,
Lets see the respective charts.
For long opportunity the stock moved from 650 to 680+  have a look at the chart BOB LONG
For short opportunity the stock fell from 680 to 610 have a look at the chart BOB SHORT

My point of sharing these charts was to show how market moves in waves with experience
we can point out repetive powerfull patterns which help in predicting future moves,Of course
at time we get it wrong in that case stop loss takes care of it.Try learning wave theory
The Eliiottwave theory ,I have put a nice piece on elliottwave theory on my blog readers can go through it its explained in detail Trading Elliottwaves



rizwan said...

thank you so much sir....

rizwan said...

thank yo so much sir...

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