Monday, December 06, 2010

>Nifty elliott wave counts

Hi Guys,
Nifty trading at a crucial juncture ,Both side big move possible.
The following chart shows the possibilities.If the fall from today's top remain shallow Yellow colour wave possible.
If the fall stretches deep then red color wave possible.
The shallow fall suggests after 1 up small 2 happening.
A deeper fall suggests a bigger abc underway.
Alook at individual heavyweights can give more hints about future direction of nifty.
SBI if holds 2925-2900 gives strength to yellow wave possibility.
Lets see how waves unfold


M Suren babu said...

Timely post.

Y'day i was going through your EW course attended during Mar'10 for recap and amazed about your simplicity in explaining EW again. Let me know if you are planning for detailed course on EW. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
My view is Nifty should test 5650 and then should go up sharply.On the contrary historically in the last 6 years Nifty has never given - ive returns , so fall to this level can be used for medium term buying opportunity.

MurAtt said...

Well ... seems there was no bounce frm any region and Even the RED path has been taken directly ....

Next is what ... back to 6100 in a flash or are we gonna give some slow poison to the bears or the bulls ?

Rish said...

This rallied making a upper bottom red color WAVE still ON.

Anonymous said...

could you post an update.

Anonymous said...

Now what ?

Anonymous said...

is there any rebound from current levels?

DCStrader said...

Rish long time no update?????

anchal said...

very informative

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