Saturday, November 13, 2010

>Dowjones elliott wave counts

A post after a long gap,Was busy with work would try to be consistent now on.

Dowjones chart present structure fits in a rather rare kind of elliot wave structure called
as expanded flat.
If this structure works there could be some serious pain across world markets this christmas.
Ofcourse once the pattern finishes can expect nice rally as shown in the below chart.
This scenario suggests nice rally by year 2011 start.Sit back and see how the waves unfold.
There is a less likely scenario where dow rallies directly to C wave targets which looks unlikely.
We will analyze thing as they unfold .



sreyO... said...

A nice post as usual. I admire your admire your analysis as it rarely mismatch with reality. If possible please come-up with analysis on nifty or sensex or both.


M Suren babu said...

A warm welcome after your hibernation. Excellent and keep your blog active.

I am follower of your analysis and i admire them.

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