Monday, August 17, 2009

>IT biggies Analysis(INFOSYS,TCS,WIPRO)

Hi friends,
I had posted a few months back analysis on IT sector saying that they are
Trading most probably in 4th wave which suggested buying in dips was a wise idea
can read about old analysis here IT SECTOR ANALYSIS .
Present situation where all IT biggies have made new highs,which confirms 5th up for
them ,Investors need to be cautious in investing them risk reward is not favouring buying
for investors .Let me put charts of IT biggies.

INFOSYS ,TCS & WIPRO all moved in unison that' quite evident from charts
wave wise they can still stretch on upside but a trader can trade in them for
investor he need to wait and watch for next few weeks before investing in them.
As a trader I would look for weakness in IT biggies to short them .IT sector should
top out first before any other sector in INDIA.



Rish said...

Apart from IT other sector which can top before nifty should be AUTO SECTOR ,Banks AND RELIANCE PACK NO topping seen yet from charts.. said...

Good analysis..

Suchita Ambardekar.

Part Time Jobs Online said...

Iam also waiting for dip... Good Analysis...

Anonymous said...

i feel market see4800 and back in7 -8 trading session

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