Sunday, February 15, 2009

>The Little Book That Beats the Market (Joel Greenblatt)

This book was originally inspired by my desire to give each
of my five children a gift. I figured if I could teach them
how to make money for themselves, then I would be giving
them a great gift—truly one that would keep giving. I also
figured that if I could explain how to make money in terms
that even my kids could understand (the ones already in
sixth and eighth grades, anyway), then I could pretty much
teach anyone how to be a successful stock market investor.
While the concepts covered in this book may seem
simple—perhaps too simple for sophisticated investors—
each step along the way is there for a reason. Stay with it,
and I assure you the payoff for both beginning and experienced
investors will be huge.
After more than 25 years of investing professionally
and after 9 years of teaching at an Ivy League business
school, I am convinced of at least two things:

1. If you really want to “beat the market,” most professionals
and academics can’t help you, and
2. That leaves only one real alternative: You must do
it yourself.
Luckily, that might not be such a bad thing. As
improbable as it may seem, you can learn to beat the
market. Through a simple, step-by-step process, this
book can teach you how. To help you along, I have
included a magic formula. The formula is simple, it
makes perfect sense, and with it, you can beat the market,
the professionals, and the academics by a wide margin.
And you can do it with low risk. The formula has
worked for many years and will continue to work even
after everyone knows it. Although the formula is easy to
use and will not take much of your time, it will work for
you only if you make the effort to fully understand why it
Along the way, you will learn:
• How to view the stock market
• Why success eludes almost all individual and professional
• How to find good companies at bargain prices
• How you can beat the market all by yourself

Download the full e book here The little book that beats the Market


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