Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Hello Dear Reader,
Welcome & many thanks to you for reading this site.

Over last few days, many of you inquired (messaged/mailed) about my EagleEye Trading Consultancy service.
I though I would write in detail to make it clear and to show how you all can benefit from this.

EagleEye Trading Consultancy
We strive to achieve Consistent Trading Returns for our Clients while exposing them to Low Risk trades. We have achieved good success in past and strive hard to do so in future.

We strive hard to find big breakouts and large reversals. This are places where most money is made.

I hope, you must have benefited in past with the free calls I have put on this blog. (browse the archives)

Also open the image below, to have a peek into our trading system. (open the image below and enlarge it.)

This is a snapshot of our trading system, which we follow and enhance religiously to find the next big thing. :-)

(Right click and "Open in new window" and then enlarge)

The consultancy we provide is a paid service.
To know more details about our Trading Consultancy
yahoo chat id:

Rohit Mankotia


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