Monday, July 17, 2006


The double top made near 3200+ levels has a downside target of approximately 2910-2920
today as we saw,there was no buying pullback that showed the selling pressure , most heavyweights looks oversold so bounceback is not ruled out 2900 shud be a good level to buy some, though its advisable to be quite carefull while buying as today we fell as if we opened to fall traders will enjoy this market well few important levels 3000 is a pshycologicaly big level breaking of that will invite fresh selling.The upmove will be valiadated after we break that slant downmove trendline till then shorting looks more appropriate while trading.


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Dear Rish,
As govt. has directed ISPs to block accesses to blogs , I am sure you would be cosidering of some alternative. Please let us know us soon.
Thanks and regards
Rajat Kapur

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