Saturday, July 01, 2006

how is wealth created

following are views of Mr. Prabhakar (

Wealth is created not by timing the market but by time spent in the market
-how true are these words 95% of the people who talk with me say markets will be 2200-2300 in nifty in next 1-2month which is 20-25% from the levels we have closed. They give many reason to justify there claim and very reasonable RISE in interest rate-high CRUDE prices-slowdown in world economy are few reasons. Interest rates in so many years India has seen interest rate come down for the past 4years only and we did go down to an extend that it was too low for deposits holders and it created a imbalance as domestic saving was drying and banks where not able raise deposits and low interest regime in my view raised demand for many products so now that imbalance would be corrected to an extend. And coming to Indian corporate profits getting effected I would say many companies have become cash rich and many have converted there debt into equity at high premium so only few very badly rated companies would get effected. When coming to interest rate effecting car sale and consumer durable the low interest regime there was given due to few other factor like discount from manufacturer-dealer-insurance companies and lending institution also reduced. CRUDE is a worry and till Indian policy makers can speed up alternative energy and bring in FDI in new crude discovery till then high crude prices can last for next 2-3years. But all these fears have been discounted by markets and a report says TEXTILE exports from Indian has jumped 45% in last 2months while china exports in textile is slowing down and if china revalues its currency it would benefit Indian textile. RELIANCE AGM report says 8.2% of Indian export is from them which is real big growth. India is 2nd largest cement markets in the world and all big names are in India to buyout companies and to have presence here so long term growth is here to stay. PHARMA would be good consolidation in years to come and be soon outsourcing hub like in auto component and bpo. And the list goes on all said and done it depends on where u see 5years down the line or 2months down the line.


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