Wednesday, December 05, 2018

Tatasteel wave analysis

Tatasteel offlate a paradise for traders both side violent moves.
I think a good trade setup is emerging in Tatasteel according to wave principles.

Lets see the chart 

The above chart is self explanatory ,We are nearing the end of 5th of c probably.
Which coincides with good support of 500-490 range ,If this range is held expect a very 
good bunce in the stock ,More on this as the chart matures ,Most metals have same structure.


Blogger said...

What is the target price on bounce? Also where can i learn Eliot, any books websites?
Please explain this eliot wave to me. Thanks

Rish said...

Hi ,
Bounce can target 550 and further levels which we can see when it comes. Elliottwave leaning you can google you would get lot of ebooks or even if you wanna buy try mastering elliottwave by robert preacher. You can even check in this blog itself

Sachin gupta said...

Now i think tatasteel will take support between 440-450....and it will bounce from here

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