Sunday, September 09, 2018

Maruti elliott wave analysis

I was excited to see electric vehicle with Maruti suzuki logo on it in 
global mobility summit ,A company needs to be with future technology,
Maruti has come of ages which is seen by the wonderful rally seen in stock 
price across many years.
Maruti the pattern has been evolving and the wave count is settling 
accordingly. I had written about it in july Maruti elliott wave analysis.
We did get a rally above 9230 ,The stock rallied till 9468 and then broke
back and went below 9230.Lets see the chart pattern now.

The above chart shows the rally till 9468 turned out to be b wave of abc fall and now c wave fall underway ,The stock has good support range in 8630-8540 range ,If stock goes below these levels,The wave count stands negated.


Murtaza Attari said...

I am looking at 8200 and lower too maybe. Lets see ...

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