Thursday, August 09, 2018

Nifty longterm Elliottwave analysis

Many had asked long term nifty elliottwave count.
I have resolved nifty move in wave count.
The count is on monthly chart.

The above chart shows the waves ,We had a clear 5 wave up in 1st wave finished in late 1994.
We had a time consuming 2nd wave spread across 7 years finished in year 2001.
Golden period 3rd wave started late in year 2001 and finished by late 2010,Agood 9 year+ move.
We had the infamous 2008 correction in this phase where the index corrected by more than 60%.
Before this we had a steep rally in 3rd of 3.
5th wave started in mid of 2013 and still on.We have arguably completed 1and 2 waves and presently trading in 3rd of 5th wave.

Lets check fib corelation.

Took the length of 1st wave and .Then kept it on 2nd wave low and the 3rd wave target matches 
with 161.8% of wave 1 which is usually wave 3rd target.
In next post would resolve the 5th wave.Do comment if you find something to add on or if you have
a diffrent count,I would be eager to read.


ravi said...

where do you think the 5th wave will end

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