Saturday, April 01, 2017

>Hinduniliver elliottwave structure

Hi friends,
                    A weekend post on waves beauty Hinduniliver,The chart has got so clear elliottwave counts,Lets unfold the waves ,Posting monthly log chart of Hinduniliver.

From the above chart we can see a big impulse move from year 2004.The sky blue shows the bigger impulse of which 123 is done and 4th wave is underway,The white one shows the big 3rd wave counts and finally yellow one shows 3rd of 3rd counts.In stock trading we need to find a tradable setup.Lets look at the pattern inside converging trendlines.
The above chart shows a triangle move in 4th wave right now in d wave and should fall back for e wave and finish off triangle and head for 5th wave rally which can make stock to rally 25-30% over a period of time the breakout would be above 955-60 levels track this stock though this may take some time good for learners to look out for the stock how it moves from here on.


Bhavir said...

I think the CD leg needs to be more longer in time and may form clear 3 sections like the AB and BC leg of this potential triangle .. more sideways consolidation on weekly .. what say?

Rish said...

Yea it should in e wave fall or consolidation

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