Tuesday, March 07, 2017

>MCDOWELL Elliottwave counts

Hi friends,
                   MCDOWELL has made a interesting pattern ,I am able to resolve its time consuming complex correction spread across 2 years.
The correction is resolved as triple zigzag wxyxz the above chart shows it clearly ,Its been labled exhaustively.We had a sharp rally from 1800 levels,Looking at the internal structure of the move from 1800 i can see a impulse ,Let me put the chart.
Look at the above chart we had a clear impulse with even 3rd wave having clear 5 up and 5th wave showing ending diagonal.This structure suggests the stock is in for a multimonth rally after correcting this impulse rally Track this stock closely,This has started to correct impulse wait for a patterm to find a long setup .


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