Thursday, February 16, 2012

>Nifty elliottwave analysis

We witnessed a maddening rally in nifty which even overshot my estimates.
I had 5250 in my mind (NIFTY )when i had posted my wave counts.
Well now since we have overshot those levels and even the slanting down channel
has broken up ,I assume WXYXZ was done near 4531.What we are witnessing now is a
new wave.
The upmove from 4531 is corrective in nature i cannot lable it as a impulse atleast
i am not able to,Would reckon we are making a bigger X or B ,Which can top between
5650-5951 and then we again start a multimonth downmove to a new low below 4531.
The above chart shows my view this is count is still in its earlier stages ,Would refind it
as we reach for apex or i get more confirmation.The X or B wave structure is debatable
need more time and wave structure to justify it can directly go to 5650-5950 or can go after
a dip we will know that in coming days.So till next post keep fingers crossed we are entering
a important phase .


StockSwing said...

5951-4531 i doubt this time dude

On Sep 3, 2009 the Nifty EPS was 222, the Nifty was at 4,600.
On Sep 4, 2008, it was 236. In two years, we have gone NOWHERE on earnings. The Nifty, on the same day was at 4,447 – we are about 25% higher today on Nifty value at 5500 but the EPS remains the same.
On Sep 3, 2007 the Nifty EPS was at 220, and the Nifty at 4400.

On Sep 2, 2011, the Nifty P/E is 18.19 which corresponds to a Nifty EPS of 277. This translates to a remarkable 16.56% growth in the year, which means we have finally seen some recovery in the Nifty EPS(Note however that these are figures that are standalone EPS – the exchange doesn’t release the consolidated aggregate P/E for the Nifty, which makes comparison a difficult thing)

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