Monday, November 21, 2011

>Mahindra and Mahindra analysis update

Auto sector as had mentioned witnessed sharp fall.M&M ,TATAMOTORS ,BAJAJ AUTO ,MARUTI ETC witnessed sharp falls,In my old post Auto sector had given analysis of the
auto sector heavy weight m&m it reacted sharply to the resistance and is already 100+ points down from top.It looks to be falling in impulse which suggests it would turnout to be a good
short again in rises keep an eye.A chart is attached to shown vicious impulse still on.



Sam said...

Hi Rish,

Can u post the AFL for this chart.


MurAtt said...

hmm ... Rish ...

How come the actual reco never comes in the mail BUT the after effects do reach the mail box ?

Are these paid calls and therefore unavailable ? BUT for promotions, u send the results ?

Nothing like brewing a fight or so .. just asking


Rish said...

Dear muratt
Both posts were posted in blog and sent to aiii group why would i send one and not other,Do check your group settings.

PS:-I don't provide paid tips any more ,I am into managing money.

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