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>Elliott wave principle (Book)

One of the best and comprehensive book covering all aspects on Elliott wave

Anyone who wants to grasp and learn wave counting should have this book.


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Ever heard how Fibonacci mathematics is everywhere - in the shapes of our bodies, in art, in animals and in nature? Everyone knows that, but did you realise that Fibonacci mathematics is just as common in Financial Markets? That's not so strange when you think about it - since humans and nature have so much Fibonacci mathematics then it makes sense that it will show up in markets as well.

Question: does you favourtie Financial guru talk about Fibonacci mathematics very often? This one does - Prechter and Frost's book Elliott Wave Principle.

Their book is about a method of analysis invented by R.N. Elliott during the 1930s. Unlike most other methods of analysing financial markets this one is full of Fibonacci mathematics, and it makes markets seem as natural as a shower of rain or a summer breeze.

This is the book that shows the connection between great works of art, the chaos of life on earth and the strange moods of financial markets.

This book is not for everyone - you have to be ready to challenge the mainstream ideas about financial markets. It is like a gigantic puzzle that requires some patience before you see the big picture.

It is much recommended for people who think most of what they read about finance is complete garbage manufactured by people who want to sound important. It is also much recommended for people who enjoy finding out things that are a bit harder to understand than everyday things. It is also recommended for people who like to find out that we are all human, no matter how much we play with numbers, computers, regulations, media releases and dictionaries.

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