Saturday, August 23, 2008

Siachen The greatest Pride:)

Siachen – Indian Army’s trump card and greatest pride……Siachen battle was the show cased of all high altitude battle. Indian Army regained the respect in high altitude fighting that it lost in 1962 Chinese war. At 6,300 meters (20,700 feet) India controls these breathless heights and is reluctant to back off for alarm that Pakistan might walk in. Indian troops geared up in the extreme conditions of Siachen sector. The Pakistanis cannot get up to the glacier, while the Indians cannot come down. :)
Lets respect the effort of those you have sacrificed their present for our future.
Responsibility is the price every man must pay for freedom."

Few facts about Siachen

Toothpaste freezes in its tube, speech can be blurred, frostbite and chilblains are common and plummeting temperatures can leave scores dead.

The fact is the human body continuously deteriorates above 18,000 feet and with winter temperatures of 70 degrees below zero, the inhospitable climate in Siachen has claimed more lives than gunfire.

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PS:- My father served in "ARMY"


hardik said...

just the fact that this glacier claims more valualble lives than a battle ground makes it a no brainer for the government to send armymen there shld be ensured that armymen posted there have access to the humanest conditions possible...the government needs to make a better effort to keep its armymen alive even before a war can begin!!!!!!

Disciple of God said...

Great Video Rish! There is no greater sight in the world than the tricolor swaying in the wind!

Am proud to see the spirit of nationalism in you and many other fellow Indians!

Thanks again for this beautiful video

- Srikanth RP

Unknown said...

barbie :
At siachen, On average, one Pakistani soldier is killed every fourth day, while one Indian soldier is killed every other day. Over 1,300 Pakistani soldiers have died on Siachen between 1984 and 1999. According to Indian estimates, this operation had cost India over Rs. 50 billion and almost 2,000 personnel casualties till 1997. Almost all of the casualties on both sides have been due to extreme weather conditions.

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