Monday, May 05, 2008

>Trading day 5th may

Two days holiday mind fresh glutted with fresh ideas to trade was fairly bullish with few new trades in mind PENINLAND ,SOBHA DEVELOPERS.

Well market started and you see when everything looks good something bad happens my live data feed stopped sucking data into AMIBROKER and me being a chart guy am blind without charts ,I usually don't trade with out charts until forced.Well kept fighting with that software without any sucess.It was only by 12.30 pm my live charts started to bulid those up down hills but by that time i was frustrated also felt like lost many trading opportunities well had some juice and started to concentrate.
Peninland was already up so no trade there.
Same with sobha developers.

Let me update on swing trades still active
ORCHID moved up(no profit booked yet)
DCB did 120 and was booked there
TVS MOTOR 50 CA fell today holding on to it.

So virtually no new trade today till about 1.30 pm
Divislab started to look good on chart since was feeling but left out jumped into the trade without any confirmation and yes Sl was hit game over!!!.Did not do any other trade The only positive thing was Maharashtra seamless which spurted 7% .All in all an ok ok day will try to analyze orchid today which is an swing trade taken since 240+.



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