Saturday, February 10, 2007

haunted sugar

In a phase where India stock market witnessed its fastest and biggest gain(Mad Bull),Sugar sector witnessed massive slump. Sugar has become one haunted sector where investors are scared even to look at.
let me remind this sector used to be flavour of market , Traders & Investors used to swear on sugar sector performance.
I myself know many investors who are invested in sugar and yes at high rates and they kept averaging it which eventually compounded the trouble as there was no revival in sugar sector stock prices(example averageing can be suicidal at times)all the sugar stocks are trading below there 52 week low and still they are not showing any resistance to fall.
READ MORE ABOUT SUGAR FALL Sugar may witness corrective phase.

In short sugar sector in BEAR GRIP (a phase in market where stock prices fall and keep falling slowly which frustrates investors).It will be a long long way to recovery if at all things turn in sugar industry favour as every rise will attract selling from the ones struck in it for long time they will try to be the first to get relieved from the agony of holding a loss making stock for a long time, and this process continues till sellers get exhausted after that only we can witness fresh virgin upmove in sugar.
check out the charts to see the deep ridges in sugar stock prices.

NOTE:-I myself was stuck in sugar but was brave enough to book loss in it :-) and yes quite relieved now after watching the outcome.


Anonymous said...

Hi- Who listens to the woes of sugar producers? The govt has fixed the sugar cane prices. A Sugar manufacturing company source says it takes about Rs 18 to produce a kg of sugar. and the Mumbai whole sale market price of sugar is Rs 15. so it is not so much unexpected for sugar companies to be worried

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