Sunday, December 24, 2006


Property prices sky rocketing Noida plot gone for record price Bangalore property prices almost doubled in last 6-8 months dudh walla ,farmer became overnight millionaire due to surge in property prices dozen new companies got listed in market to ride the infrastructure boom and many new are in waiting to get listed its all cacophony out there,is it a bubble.

Government talks of so called infrastructure but where are the basic needs water power roads even big metros are facing water and power shortage and lesser i say about the condition of roads the better. GOLDMAN SACH predicted INDIA will be one of driving force of world economy in coming years
BRICS provided government takes right steps towards flourishing the economy .

There are places in India where people die because of excessive water (flood) ,also places where people die because of no water (drought). What are the steps taken by government to solve this the interlinking of north rivers with south rivers is almost shelved .We need solid foundation if we have to compete with economies like china which has almost left us behind in every field.

Coming back to reality companies there is every possibility that big companies will either eat small players or shunt them out of the market all cannot be unitech which saw orchestral humongous rise in its stock prices.Are reality bells already ringing!!!!!!!


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