Friday, September 01, 2006


BALRAMPUR bounced smartly from 89 support(88 levels) and yes with huge volumes

BAJAJHIND bounced exact from support cheers

eid parry too bounced near from support

Govt hikes Sept open market sugar sale quota to 1.4 Mt from 1.3 MT Govt has hiked the September Open Market Sugar Sale quota to 1.4 MT from 1.3 MT. Analysts say that the government has done this because of the festive season based on news sugar prices spurted today nicely
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Anonymous said...

the green lines that are drawn by you naming as supports seem to come from no where......or take that those are going to be supports due to todays reversal....

Rish said...

if u could check yesterdays post before watching todays move u can know those charts were made before watching todays move plz check previous post your doubts will be cleared u can click sugar in red to see previous charts

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