Sunday, August 20, 2006


SKUMAR moving in a channel good thing volumes are back in this script long with a sl of below 66 target all time high 71.95 above which it will be in uncharted region can easily see 80 in a supportive market.


Anonymous said...

Hello You should give time frames also...SO that trading can be done accordingly.THanyou Sir said...

Hi Rohitjee- in your blog recent scrips around rs 100 have started appearing. Areal boon for the small trader with a small margin- as now a days we have more of them.Keep up the good work.SKUMARS is worthy for trading and also for investmet.-CHEERS- VISHNU

Anonymous said...

chak de phattey !

Anonymous said...

thanks for all the stuff. Not easy to divulge findings of all your research.
just a small observation: Negative divergence in Chaiken oscillator noted for Skumar. Break-away from the channel expected.

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