Tuesday, June 13, 2006

We don't give up easily...Do We?

dear friends,
read at least 5 times the below written stuff ,Devine stuff thanks to
Dr. Raman for this

have never ever in my life ventured to be this bold so publicly and more
so in print, but i feel like being one and saying something which might be
the last line of this mail.

And this mood is very rightly prompted by seeing the deluge of depressive
emails and the sentiment which has taken a beating and rightly so coz the
the bear phases and bear markets tend to beat you and your psyche more than
the prices. That is the very definition of the bear phase or market. I have
seen people stop buying capital market or other such magazines, papers ,
stop subscriptions and you name it. That is bear phase or market for you.
There is total gloom ( it has yet to come in this market of 2006 ) and
lasts painfully long.

People tend to be capital protective, the spending becomes less which adds
to the sentiment and economic slowdown.

But the bold and prudent ones which are cash rich venture out and pick up
the right kind of stocks and keep on adding them at all declines and are
ready to reap next-time when your paanwala or barber keeps ndtv profit or
cnbc channel on at his joint and stock markets are the ususal topic in
ladies kittie parties.

There is nothing wrong with India or its economy or its people or its
collective intelligence. We would surely grow in numbers (population - read
consumers ) , intelligence, productivity, entrepreneurship coz we sure want
more and we rightfully demand out place in the Sun. We worry about our own
future and next generations more than any other nationality on earth.
We are more family oriented and we are savers par excellence.

Yes, there are abberations, there are sometimes too many me-toos.

I could keep this rambling on and on, but to cut it short and coming to the
point, i would say, that having retired gracefully from my professional
life, I have lived quite a life and whatever little is left of it, i am
pretty sure that I would be here when the sensex / nifty hits newer
heights not yet seen or even mentioned.

You can mark these words for posterity to prove me wrong or otherwise


Anonymous said...

Very well-written, thought out and articulate post. Such words of immense wisdom can only come from Dadu, who is not just an ace investor, but an amazing human being. Cheers to him and may all he says come true.

Anonymous said...

yes really very well written this kind of message gives support to investors ,,,,dont be panic india story i still bulish

Anonymous said...

I do agree with his words
there is nothing wrong in INDIAN story
Its only the PANIC and one must try to see the oppurtunity in this panic and should add good one in portfoilio

this is kind of sale and oppurtunity who missed these rates when they are in 2005 ( many stocks)
Only fools follow the heard let distinguish ourself i know there is RISK associated with it but who care Stock market is always RISKY.

View on mkt

8800 can be good support and mkt will continue try to trade in 2600-2750 range it may go down but will again try to be in this range.

Its global cues thats affetcing everwhere. May be some movements of planets if u beleive , i believe.
High volatility can continue till 25 th JUne at last and then will consolidate
After 15 july mkt expected to be good and bull will take full charege in August (best time for making longs) September , if i am right ,then we will agian forget what is bear ?

If 8800 is maintained then 12000 is again possible till Dec 2006
and 15000 too before Budget let the fingers remain crossed.

10300-10500 in short term is not ruled out.

rajesh said...

ys,dr.raman is well said , the experience he has in stock markets shows his confidence with these words, so , friends, take the words of these good experienced persons if u want to win in these volatile markets, and stay invested for long term prospective in good fundamental scrips for better gains and be as a successful investor not as a short term trader, . If u do this u will escape from indian stock markets becoz of this indian volatile stock markets,. and i want to give advice to new investors and new traders that not to trade in f n o for their future. keep my words in ur mind with positive attitude and be as a investor,

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