Saturday, May 27, 2006

MONEY(the mind twister)

I saw the best example of how money can twist a player’s mind while teaching my oldest daughter to play backgammon. She was about eight at the time but very determined and bright. After a few months of practice she began beating me. Then I suggested we play for money— a penny a point, which in our scoring meant a maximum of 32 cents per game. She kept beating me, and I kept raising the stakes. By the time we reached 10 cents a point she started losing and soon gave back every last penny. Why could she beat me playing for little or no money but lost when the stakes increased? Because for me $3.20 was pocket change, but for the kid it was real money. Thinking about it made her a little more tense and she played slightly below her peak level— enough to fall behind.
courtesy:-come into my trading room.
Dr.Alexander Elder


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