Monday, August 26, 2019

Indusind Elliottwave analysis

The price has been squeezing in a range for some time 
Lets see the chart structure.

The chart is self explanatory,Upside minimum potential 1430,Above that it breaks out 
of this wedge ,Keep an eye on this stock.,

Nifty elliottwave analysis 26th aug

Nifty had a very volatile move since my last post.

Lets see the currect structure.It did a abc fall ,The second option i discussed ,
But yes the c went and made a new low ,Making a elliottwave structure namely
expanded flat.

This pattern suggests higher levels for nifty ,Inbetween dips can come but ,This pattern suggests a 
retest of 11200 atleast .Lets see how the price behaves.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

nifty elliottwave analysis 20th aug

Not much has changed from the last post.
NIFTY ELLIOTTWAVE. Lets see present picture.

The above could be a posibility which means we could witness this sdeways move for one or 2 
more trading sessions ,This count holds true as long as lower yellow trendline holds true.

Lets see what could happen if trendline breaks down.

This suggests another abc on and a fall towards 10900 or bit lower can come ,Tomorrow we could 
figure out what pattern plays out :).

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Nifty elliottwave analysis

Lets look at the nifty count .

The popular count doing rounds is nifty impulsing down.
Check this count .

The fall to me looks complex ,Though the c of Y does show 3rd wave fall conditions (continued falling even in extreme oversold situation),The present situation shows as long as 10900 holds
A high above 11200 looks possible ,The waves are overlapping in this upmove so need to be watchfull,Probably a X wave move is on .Below 10900 a new low looks quite easy .Lets see how the chart behaves .