Wednesday, September 20, 2017

>SBI chart

Hi friends ,
                     Looking at SBI chart,Anice impulse from 2016 lows completed near 310+ in aug 2017 let me put the chart to show that.

The impulse is a text book impulse following golden rules 3=1.6(1) and 5 almost equal to 1 .
After 5th up we are nearing end of a impulse in shoter timeframe let me put that chart too.

current situation 265 is strong support,As long as 260 holds the stock can do 290+ .Lets see how stock performs in coming time.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

>Apollo hospital chart

Hi friends,
                   Apollo hospital has corrected sharp recently,Looking at the wave structure chart of apollo hospital we can see W and X followed by a impulse. Let me put the chart.

From the chart can figure that the stock is likely to find support in 1020-1000 range and bounce back towards 1150 levels .This impulse fall is likely to be a wave fall of Y leg correction ,Plan longs nearer to 1000 and look for good bounce.This is leader in hospital sector other stock in same sector is FORTIS healthcare which has given tuff time to traders and investors.