Monday, July 27, 2020


Hi friends,
                   Lets look at the kotak bank move from march lows.

From the above chart we can see WX is done and Y is on ,Right now b of Y is on which is a triangle
move ,Upper break is at 1400 and lower breakdown is at 1260.According to WXY move ,Expectation would be a breakup ,Lets see how the stock performs in coming weeks.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Midcap index stocks movement since jan highs

                Midcap index was anyhow underperforming Nifty ,Nifty made a all time high in jan 2020 Whereas midcap index was still -15.3% down from all time high in jan . The fall from jan highs saw midcap index fall further by 41.9% towards march lows ,From march lows index has seen smart recovery with individual stocks doing quite good lets see how stocks have fared.

Out of these ESCORTS has outperformed big time rural agri theme. So even in pandamic few sectors have done exceptionally good need to dig in deep to find things. Even FMCG stocks did great BRITANNIA clocked robust volume growth thanks to increased consumption of biscuits.

Nifty50 stock movement since JAN highs

Dear friends,
                       Since jan highs stocks saw a steep fall going into march ,And started to recover.
Now we are in july and few stocks have already crossed jan highs ,Most prominently RELIANCE 
has crossed jan highs and have gone up by more than 20% above jan highs ,Which shows the out performance of nifty compared to other indexes ,As reliance holds 12.46% weightage.

Nifty is just ~9% down from its jan highs now ,Which was 39.6% down in march fall and had touched a low of 7511.

Sunday, July 19, 2020

JBM Auto Elliottwave analysis

JBM Auto ,The stock touted to be main contender in India's electric vehicle push.
Lets see how the chart shows wave structure.

The stock shows a solid 5 up on monthly followed by 2.5 yr long correction ,Still under slanting trendline.
The correction is still on in this,Though a good stock for electric theme lovers in dips.Keep eye on this once the abc of this impulse is done this could be a multi bagger.