Thursday, October 18, 2018

nifty wave count

Hi friends,

In last post had anticipated 5th of 3rd happening. Nifty wave count .
Nifty finished 5th of 3rd wave and started 4th up.Lets see the present structure.

Lets see this anticipated 4th up closely.

We have done abc at yesterdays top,This fall could be a d wave fall ,Need 1,2 days price move to further anticipated the structure overall till the gap 10800 remains open ,I am more inclined towards a 4th wave rather than the popular notion of B up. Nifty should clear things up in next few days i think:).Till then play light volatility is on rise again.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Ibventures elliottwave count

Offlate the darling of bulls
Ibventure has been in continuous lower circuits.
Lets look at its wave pattern .The stock has risen nonstop
from 20 levels.

The stock looks to have completed a big 3rd wave near 800 levels.
And now falling in 4th wave .Stock has got clear waves on chart ,Though the fib extensions are not matching quite understandable looking at the velocity of rise.Overall i doubt the stock going below 250.Let the pattern emerge.For now it looks the mighty 3rd wave is done for now in this stock.

Nifty wave count

Nifty impulsing down.
Today second gapdown characteristic of 3rd wave.

5th of 3rd from yesterday high..

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Nifty wave count

Nifty volatility has increased in sept month ,I had posted 
nifty wave count . Its turning out to be abcde .Lets see the current 

Cluster of support in range 11180-70,Also a old gap fill :) lets see how nifty behaves .Expecting bounce in any fresh panic in nifty .Lets see how nifty behaves!!.